Private pomf-compatible file host
& Private polr URL shortener

Where is the data stored?

Our data is currently stored in Amazon S3 in the United States. All content is legal under the US law. This means we may be forced to remove copyrighted or illegal material. Basically, content has to be inline with the Amazon Standards (which can be found here).

How do I use this service?

There are a ton of ways to hook into the API for OwO, if you're not very tech savvy (or just cant be bothered), theres a ShareX and MacOS/Linux script, however if you want to write your own, or your script isnt supported please checkout the API here.

Private? I wanna upload!

Currently, we're not accepting new users on the service, as we're constantly making improvements to our backend and distribution infrastructure and configuration. Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you at a later date.

What's the maximum filesize I can upload?

Currently, the max filesize that you can upload to our server is 80MiB. This is to prevent large files taking up a lot of space, and costing a lot to store. In future this may be changed, but based on current demand its a solid point for filesizes.

What filetypes are allowed?

All filetypes are viable to be uploaded now, however if you begin to upload dodgy things like viruses and your account constantly is under fire and throwing virus warnings your account will be suspended.

What wrappers/libraries are there?

The current libraries/API's that you are able to hook into are:

On what domains can I find the service?

You can find the file hosting service on:
You can find the URL shortener service on:
NOTE: All these links will return you to whats-th.is

I don't like something hosted here.

We're sorry to hear about that. If any images infringe on your rights or the rights of an entity you represent, please shoot us an email here. Make sure to provide us with the URL(s) of the files in question or we will be unable to take actions upon that user/the files.